Mind Traffic Control : Site Going Down

I’m going to close down the Mind Traffic Control site on Google App Engine.
The online app has been dead for some time. While I’m very happy with my command-line version which I’m using every day.
The only reason the site is still up on GAE is for any old users to export their data. As that’s been the case for the last couple of years, I’m assuming that if this includes you, you’ve either exported your data or don’t care.
If you haven’t, and still want it, get it soon. (And drop me a comment here) Because you will soon lose the opportunity.
The MTC domain isn’t going anywhere. But will be refocused on my two ongoing projects : the command-line version of MTC and Cardigan Bay. And whatever integration I finally figure out between them.
Both of these projects are written in Clojure. And I’m excited about them.

PS : please take care and stay safe in this time of COVID19. I’m self isolating as far as possible. And I recommend you do too. The more we can slow its spread, the fewer people will die. It’s that simple.

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