ChatGPT and Chronic Task Switching

I honestly don’t know if ChatGPT is the ultimate tool for me, or if it’s just feeding my madness.

Sitting here with 3 chats open: one is crunching up examples of voice-leading algorithms to add to my Python scripts for chord progression generation in FL Studio; a second is trying to debug my clojure build environment that’s failing to build the cljs part of Cardigan Bay; and the third is writing me a new static site generator using jinja2 templates (that I’ve never used before).

I can’t focus on one of these projects so now trying to do them in parallel by jumping from one chatGPT window to another.

Thing is, it’s helping me manage context switches because each chat retains the context. I also have multiple text editors open etc.

I don’t suppose I’m as efficient, as I would be if I did focus on one at a time. But I’m making enough progress forward in each of these projects to keep me engaged.

I’m thinking in terms of small blocks of code: eg. “write me the function which does X”. But not having to maintain the fine-grained concentration of writing the code itself. GPT knows how to make data structures and loop through them etc. well enough by itself.

So I get to zoom out, and think about algorithms / architecture etc. On the fly. And in several projects at once.

It’s intoxicatingly exciting. But is also kinda shockingly crazy.

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