Welcome to Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay is my new wiki-engine written in Clojure / ClojureScript.
I’ve been working on it for about three months, and it’s a long way from finished, but now interesting enough for people to start playing with (and hopefully giving me some feedback on).
The goal is for this to be the new engine behind ThoughtStorms, my personal wiki notebooks, and other sites. It will supersede Project ThoughtStorms (the Python codebase), SdiDesk, OWL etc. though hopefully incorporate the best features of those.
It is a major move in my plan to unify much of my software in a single app and code-base. Though it doesn’t, so far, fully merge into Mind Traffic Control.
I’ll be talking more about it over the next few posts. For now, the best overview is the readme page of the project, which you can find on one of these repo-hosting sites :

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