Why I’m not here much

I’m not writing much here on the SDI blog at the moment.

That’s partly because ThoughtStorms is now going so well. Cardigan Bay keeps improving as a tool for helping me knock it back into shape. The wiki / digital garden is still full of cruft and broken links and confusion of course. But also a lot of new stuff. And with Cardigan Bay always running on my local machine, it’s very easy to capture any ideas, notes or interesting links I discover, in that format rather than over here.

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on this blog though. It just means I need to find new ways to connect the two together.

Also, I’ve been too heavily engaged on Twitter these days. But with the Musk takeover and other issues there, there seems to be real energy for people to get back to the Fediverse and use things like Mastodon. So I’m trying to keep more of my focus and attention there.

My Mastodon ID is @interstar@artoot.xyz

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