I’m way too busy now … but I’m having some kicking ideas about my own grandiose bid to improve programming …

… think GeekWeaver in an SdiDesk-alike editor (obviously).

Then imagine that *everything* is a template.

That’s the way that GeekWeaver is already going. Everything is a template (ie. has named slots that can be filled). Function calls are just the injection of a data-block into that template. Another way of putting it, all objects know how to handle the “call” message with a data-block as argument, even if they don’t do anything very useful with it.

But now imagine that all the types of things you can get in SdiDesk … text pages, grids, network diagrams, are also templates. And you can plug and pipe them together any way you like. One page can hold a table, another a network diagram-shaped template, and a third can be specified as the result of injecting the first into the second.

Hmmm … this definitely looks like it’s going in the right direction.

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