Winer's Back!

This is really good news.

Dave Winer finally comes out with a decent outliner in the browser.

I’ve been looking for one for a long time. (Thought of trying to write it too, but it’s not my speciality. Now you get one from the world’s biggest Outlining evangelist.)

This is also great news for Winer himself, I think. As always, he has a lot of crucial ideas for where the web should be going. But for a while it’s seemed like the main thing holding him back has been a code-base that’s a Windows desktop application. (Which is NOT where either users or developers want to party these days.) The few times I’ve thought I’d like to look into the open-sourced Frontier / OPML Editor I’ve been put off by that.

A new browser-based UI (and Javascript-based server?) hopefully means that he’ll be able to get more people involved in his code, interacting with his services, and start to have an impact via technology as well as evangelism.

And me, I’m holding on for the OPML export / import … ahem … cough …  GeekWeaver … cough. 😉

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