Command line HTTP apps.

I just rediscovered a question I wrote on Stack Exchange. I can’t remember much about the context, but the idea is to have an ordinary “web server” application accessed through http, but simply sending plain-text backwards and forwards to a command-line based client. command line – Is there a “terminal” style program that talks to […]

Welcome to Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay is my new wiki-engine written in Clojure / ClojureScript. I’ve been working on it for about three months, and it’s a long way from finished, but now interesting enough for people to start playing with (and hopefully giving me some feedback on). The goal is for this to be the new engine behind […]

Been browsing some interesting discussion over at Quora on how they built their site. It’s basically Python and Pylons. But this is cool. They don’t use a templating language. Here’s developer Charlie Cheever : What “templating” means to most people is a way of having the developer write out HTML basically the way that you […]

To return to a theme I started many years ago, I commented on this excellent article about why web-site development has got so damned hard. (And remember when we all thought of web-apps as lighter and simpler than desktop apps? What happened?) Anyway, here’s my comment. I think the problem is less the multiplicity of […]