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  1. Hey Phil,

    I discovered you while looking at the Smallest Federated Wiki today and remembered SdiDesk from many years ago. I wanted to thank you for seeding an early interest in wiki software in me at an early age.

    I’ve been looking for a replacement to SdiDesk for a long time and the past few weeks have been toying around with some alternatives. While SFW is great, I can’t bring myself to eschew the benefits of a desktop client and some of the recent rich Markdown editors (namely, because the same developer’s TaskPaper has interesting filtering) have gotten me very excited lately.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say thanks since SdiDesk has been on my mind a fair amount lately. I’m hoping to get my own Smallest Federated Wiki running soon once I find the time. Maybe tomorrow!

    PS. You should add some kind of comments section to ThoughtStorm if you haven’t already (I couldn’t find it).

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