Planet Building

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m rather taken with Planet Planet, the old-skool Python based RSS aggregator that outputs flat HTML.

I used it to build my wonderful Future Manufacturing river. And I want to use it for more things. So I’ve created a small script to make installing Planet ultra-easy on a linux server.

Four steps and you’re rolling :

# clone it
git clone  planets

# make the planet
cd planets

# add feeds
emacs MYPLANET/fancy/config.ini
# defaults have been set-up, just change and add the feed URLs and names at the bottom of the config.ini file and set your name and contact details (earlier in the file)

# edit the crontab
crontab -e
# and add the following line or suitable variant.
53 * * * * /PATH/planets/MYPLANET/
# note that the line with the correct value of PATH will have been given to you when you ran the create script

Your automatically generated aggregate will start being available at MYPLANET/index.html

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