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  1. I wondered why there was so much action after you not having posted anything there for quite some time.

    Have you finished with SDIDesk now or just taking a break?

  2. SdiDesk isn’t dead!

    But, workwise, I’m teaching a completely Java based OO course this term – which means I’ve had to get back into thinking and writing in Java. 🙁

    So that’s taking up more of my time.
    (And yes, I have pondered a Java re-write)

    I also hit a bit of turbulence in my road-map. I had too many ideas, for evolving SdiDesk in different directions, for modifying the architecture etc. Each of which was cool, but would require a lot of work. I realized I had to stand back and think what I actually wanted.

    I also have a dozen other projects I’m trying to squeeze in.

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