Quick bit of market research.

Anyone reading this who uses SdiDesk?


Anyone at all?

Anyone actually reading this?

Ah well … (sigh)

If someone was reading this.

And they did use SdiDesk.

I’d ask these questions :

What kind of info do you keep in it?

What features do you find useful?

What functions do you never touch?

What bits drive you crazy?

All responses can be on the wiki or added as comments to this posting. Thanks …

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  1. I use SdiDesk. I’m waiting for another release! Especially if you can add stuff like numbered lists and such. The things that drive me crazy are mainly the lack of a numbered list and the error if you leave an * on the page without text after it.

  2. Thanks.

    I’ll get on with it 🙂

    The question about numbered lists is that I’m using the character # differently from UseMod’s convention. Will need either some smart disambiguation logic, or an alternative notation for numbered lists.

    Thinking in progress …

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