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  1. Re the TreeGrid — it’s a kind of table with aggregate functions but I think it stops short of Excel-like pivoting.

    Basically, you can use any gadget and visualization (still don’t understand the diff) offered by the Google. There is a 3rd party pivot table on offer, which can readily be used.

    Re the RDF — I’m as unexcited as you are. But actually, getting the triples of all my albums (view source on the returned XML) is not uncool. I could easily plug it into a RDF visualizer. Well, we’ll see whether it has any lasting value. (I still wonder if the semweb is even a tiny bit better than interwiki/reltag-based integration.)

    Great to know there are others who are as excited as me about this stuff.


  2. It is possible to take Google Spreadsheets out of the loop (but you could still use it if you wanted/needed it, of course).

    Buckybase could host the gadgets right on a table view page, just like Spreadsheets hosts them.

    The protocols for this are open: basically Buckybase would populate a DataTable Javascript object with the data in the HTML table, and instantiate a gadget dynamically.

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