Very important Mind Traffic Control update today.

The art of Mind Traffic Control is to defer as much as possible until later. But there are times you might have deferred a bunch of things until next week, only to find that actually, you *could* start doing some of them this week after all. (Maybe another task just got cancelled and freed up some time)

Until now, it’s been a flaw in MTC that you couldn’t rescue this stuff from the future.

That’s now been fixed.

If you find yourself with time on your hands and want to pull items back : go to the Overview menu, and the Deferred list. You’ll see a new button at the top titled “Restore the selected items to main queue”. There’s also now a column in the table with checkboxes for each item. Select any items you want to pull back and press the button. That’s it. The items are back in the main “next actions” queue.

Of course, please tell me if this seems to have caused any problems. Doesn’t look like it this end, but your bug reports are important.

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