Haven’t written here for a long time. A couple of notes and catch-ups.

Chandler 1.0 is out.

I was struck by these features :

Chandler aims to provide a more integrated approach to managing information with:

* A Quick Entry Bar to enter everything from ideas to reminders and appointments.
* NOW-LATER-DONE Triage List to collect, process and track everything from deadlines and meetings to drafts and ideas.
* Tickler Alarms to auto-re-focus deferred (LATER) items to NOW

Something like this experience is already available in Mind Traffic Control if you want to experiment with it. 🙂

I’m getting into two further things :

Zbigniew Lukasiak has got me thinking about email again. It’s still the most commonly used social software, and there is still room for improvement. Zby and I are thinking of doing something about this … watch this space for more.

Meanwhile, I’m also back into feeds, in particular, creating and reading Yahoo Pipes. I’ll talk more about this soon too.

Finally, a couple of good posts from Stowe Boyd about the shift to the flow internet. Or rather, the ongoing need for recombiners for the small pieces (eg. comments, replies etc.) that are scattered across dozens of different feed services like Friendfeed etc.

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