Cardigan Bay Latest

I’ve been slowly tweaking both Cardigan Bay and ThoughtStorms wiki in the last few months

As you can see, there some slight changes. Most obviously the NavBar is starting to gain some significant functionality.

In addition to typing the name of a page and hitting Go, to go to it, you can also type a ClojureScript expression and have it evaluated by hitting the “Execute” button :

The result appears in a new space called the Transcript which is not a page, but a place for the output of these commands.

The third button on the NavBar is “Search”. Which is a full text search in the wiki.

Obviously, this functionality is also available in cards, to be embedded in a page. There’s a new interactive ClojureScript workspace card which contains code that can be edited and run :

There’s also a search card which can be embedded. You’ll see that in the edit mode there’s a new bar of buttons to embed boilerplate for specific activities. Here we’re going to embed a Search card.

The button adds the boilerplate. We just add our search-term. In this example “SmallTalk”

Save to come out of edit mode, and we have that search embedded as a card in the page.

Other improvements. The bookmarklet receiver now automatically turns certain links into their embeds. Eg. this was bookmarked from YouTube with a single click of the bookmarklet, and is already an YouTube embed card in the InQueue

Finally, not only does Cardigan Bay produce an RSS feed. There’s also now an embed RSS feed card type. This card, in ThoughtStorms, rather recursively, embeds the RSS feed from ThoughtStorms :

Right now, all this stuff is checked into the GitHub / GitLab repositories. It’s not in the next release version yet, but will be, pretty soon.


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