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  1. Phil,
    I abandoned SDIDesk, when I moved to Linux in mid-2008. After playing around with Tiddlywiki and trying SDIDesk in wine, I have finally settled on using a combination of beeswax and hnb for planning purposes. The outliner hnb I use for medium & long-term planning while the beeswax app I use for weekly planning (multiple contexts). I miss tables but found that I exaggerated their importance. Both these apps are CLI and so don’t take up much room. I am using zile (emacs subset clone) as a CLI editor.


  2. subinfinity : In its current form, yes, I’m pretty much abandoning it. I’ve promised that if I ever do “the next SdiDesk” the following will be true :

    a) it will be written in Python and cross platform

    b) it will use the browser as the UI

    c) it will import existing SdiDesk files.

    However, I’m not committing to this coming any time soon. It’s still a back-burner project. But I have too many other things on right now.

    albertde : That’s interesting to know. I’m checking out HNB now. Thanks for the tip.

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