Cardigan Bay Screenshots

I’m going to do some video tutorials shortly.

Just need to find a decent mic and a quiet space.

In the meantime, some recent screenshots of Cardigan Bay

How the wiki Looks
Here you can see multiple cards. The second is an automatically generated “Backlinks” card.
Recent Changes
Here I am looking at a page on IndieWeb. Note that my mouse is hovering over the “Bookmark to 4545” bookmarklet in the browser.
Having clicked the bookmarklet, we are taken to the InQueue page of the wiki. And you’ll see that a new card has been created with the link to that page.
Here I have opened up the “card bar” at the bottom of the card with the bookmark. And I can type in the name of another page to send that card to.
Clicking the Send button creates that new “IndieWeb” page, and moves the card with the link to it.
Here’s something different. We’re editing a card with some short Clojure examples. Nothing fancy, just filtering some numbers. Cards are separated with — and types like :evalraw and :evalmd (eval and render as markdown).
Save the edit and here’s the results. The first example rendered as plain text, the second was treated as markdown rendered as an html bullet list.
And here you’ll see that the results of the last Clojure snippet are in a nice table, thanks to our “double comma” table convention.
Here’s an example of “transclusion”. The CardiganBay page we saw above, has been transcluded into a single card within another page.
Finally some embedding … a bit too big for the screenshot, but here you see YouTube, SoundCloud and BandCamp embed within the wiki
And here was the source-code in the page for that.

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