Where I'm At, March 2017

A quick update (for me, as much as anyone else) of where I’m at and what I’m currently thinking about … March 2017: ClojureScript and Reagent I want to get up to speed on this as my standard way of writing browser based software. React seems to have conquered the world as browser based, reactive […]


The browser keeps evolving to become a more comprehensive platform, operating system. WebAssembly is a new proposed standard bytecode that the major browser-makers are committing to support. It will interop with javascript (I believe) and HTML5 APIs, and is intended as a compile-target for other languages. More information here.

Google's Dart

So Google’s Javascript replacement language, Dart goes public. Looks awfully like Java with a smattering of CoffeeScript. I like the empty compact constructor and the one-liner functions. But I’m not sure what those colon ones are doing. Presumably some jQuery-like action with the document.query(). Looks a little bit messy, but then Javascript has got kind […]