The Android Studio / Gradle Experience

Im sure my answer / comment on What is Gradle in Android Studio? will get downvoted into oblivion with short-shrift fairly soon. (Maybe deservedly). But I’ll make it here : [quote] At the risk of being discursive I think behind this is the question of why the Android Studio / Gradle experience is so bad. […]

Racket vs. Clojure

I’m using Racket more than Clojure these days. And I’m wondering, is this really about A Good IDE? Because I still like Clojure better as a language. And I like the standard library a lot better. And love ParEdit in Emacs. It’s just that the all-in-one-ness of DrRacket is so darned convenient.

Why do IDEs get criticized so much?

My Quora answer : Simon Kinahan‘s answer is good, though I think he’s over-emphasizing the snobbery aspect. What’s definitely true is that IDEs are often not particularly optimized for the application you want to write. And often they’re optimized for the application you DON’T want to write. This is particularly true as, like most user-facing […]


Interesting this new surge of dynamic IDEs. First there was Brett Victor’s awesome demo. Now there’s LightTable (promoted on KickStarter, discussed on Quora) Sporadic thoughts. Is this implemented in the browser? (Bespin? CodeMirror)? Perhaps we’re seeing this explosion of innovation as IDE authors move to the cloud. A Kickstarter project? That’s cool. But motivated by […]