What do people think about the Grazr widget along the side here? I introduced it using an OPML outline of my online life to explore the evolving OPML ecology.

But that’s turned out be pretty inflexible compared to the gutter-tools that blogger is starting to offer. The OPML went out of date, (although I like the collapsible aspect). And the fact that the widget takes up a lot of room even when showing only the highest level, makes it kind of clunky.

So maybe I’ll remove and replace by blogger list. Or should I give Grazr another chance?

Update : Cool! Mike from Grazr solved one of my issues. Read comments. Grazr stays for the moment.

Update 2: And I refreshed my OPML file too.

Q : Phil! Why have you put a Grazr widget in your gutter?

A : Something’s happening. And it’s about OPML, Grazr, and widgets …


Q : Oh, and I noticed you changed the template.

A : Er … yeah. The look didn’t go with the widget. I wanted something that was more, I dunno, evolvable.

Q : What are you up to, exactly?

A : You know, general house-keeping, wanting to learn about new things. The truth is I’ve been using the OPML Editor a lot recently. Even tried to write a several thousand word essay in it.

And it’s good. Perhaps I’m getting the outlining religion …