Gmail Snooze

Is GMail Snooze basically building Mind Traffic Control into your email client?

Well, it’s about time Google did something radical to improve GMail. There’s still so much untapped potential in the mail-box. And at least email is an open protocol that we should defend against moving to walled rivers like Facebook and Slack etc.

Is Google breaking the Android file-system?

Over at the comments on Use Dropbox in place of iTunes I pointed out that, far from Android working straightforwardly, the problems I posted about here suggest that Google is actually breaking the “just working” file-system model that Android used to have.
Maybe this is in the name of security. Or efficiency. Or following Apple in wanting to control everything on the device through their own apps and protocols.
Whichever, I’m deeply disappointed with this.
(Dave suggested I noted that comment here on the blog to give it more visibility. Agreed, we need to draw people’s attention to this. We can’t lose the file-system as a widely used open protocol for different applications and vendors to communicate.)

Fargo and Google

Couple of quick notes :

1) I’m too dependent on Google. Unlike the case of Facebook, I can’t just cancel my account. Google is too deeply entwined with my life. But I am taking steps to disengage if not 100% at least a significant chunk.

2) I’m playing around a bit more with Dave Winer’s Fargo outliner. And it is shaping up to be excellent, both as an outliner and expression of Winer’s philosophy. (No surprises.)

So, to combine the two, I’m documenting my Google-leaving thoughts in a public outline. Check it out.

Update : I’ve also been wondering about having a linkblog, somewhere I can quickly throw links rather than G+ (which is inside the Google Walled River). Maybe Fargo will help there too.

Google's Dart

So Google’s Javascript replacement language, Dart goes public.

Looks awfully like Java with a smattering of CoffeeScript. I like the empty compact constructor and the one-liner functions. But I’m not sure what those colon ones are doing.

Presumably some jQuery-like action with the document.query().

Looks a little bit messy, but then Javascript has got kind of messy. Shame they didn’t try to go for the CoffeeScript cleanness.

In a sense, it may be rather similar to writing Processing if they produced a decent IDE.

On the whole, I think I can live with it.

Some interesting evaluation at Lambda the Ultimate.