Quick answer to the guy who used yesterday’s Form Experiment to ask what’s happening with SdiDesk … Here’s the status report : 1) In the last couple of weeks I quit my job and moved back to the UK … which has been taking up quite a lot of my time and energy. 2) Once […]

Adobe Thermo looks interesting. At first, of course, it looks just like another Visual Basic which is of note only because it targets Flex (and hence the Flash Virtual Machine). But it’s clever in the way that it imports Photoshop files and takes advantage of some of the logical structure. Not for me, though, obviously.

Update : for people wondering how the whole new-SdiDesk-in-Adobe-Flex? thing is going. I solved something I thought was a problem yesterday. I now have a (very fragile) Flex front end which can pass plain-text GeekWeaver programs to a web-server with GeekWeaver embedded, and get a compiled chunk of GeekWeaver out. That’s very cool … unfortunately […]

Just spent the last few hours downloading and playing with the beta of Flex 3, Adobe’s IDE for Rich Internet Applications (ie. applications running on the Flash Virtual Machine) which is based on Eclipse and has an XML-based UI / form description language more or less like HTML. I’m having two thoughts about it. One […]