Yahoo Pipes may be dead, but Node Red seems to be the device swarm orchestrating, data-flow programming tool I was hoping it might evolve into. It’s free software, it runs on everything including RaspberryPi and talks pub-sub protocols like MQTT.   Source: Node-RED

Show Your RSS

Dave Winer reminds us to help people find our RSS feeds, as it seems that browser-makers are increasingly trying to obscure them from us.[1]. My approach is non-standard, but hopefully conveys the message 🙂 [1] Rather like Steve Jobs trying to hide the file-system, some people love to take away anything that it might actually […]

Haven’t written here for a long time. A couple of notes and catch-ups. Chandler 1.0 is out. I was struck by these features : Chandler aims to provide a more integrated approach to managing information with: * A Quick Entry Bar to enter everything from ideas to reminders and appointments.* NOW-LATER-DONE Triage List to collect, […]

A while ago on Platform Wars I wrote : 99% of the world’s “semi-structured” data is not in Microformats but in tables in spreadsheets. Wildly inaccurate estimate I’m sure. But I’ll bet it dwarfs XML formats including RSS. So where’s the Yahoo Pipes for CSV and spreadsheet data? The mashing, pivot-tabling, cartesian joining of live […]