My day-job means that I now have a github account.

And I have to say, I am very impressed by it.

I decided on bzr last year as my distributed source-control system, mainly because it felt so similar to svn and it was written in python. In comparison, git is still bloody confusing. But bzr seems to be losing momentum (hg is the pythonic candidate in the race) and git-hub with its YASN-oriented social approach to source-hosting feels way ahead of other repo-hosting services like Launchpad and Google Code or running my own Trac-SVN solution.

So, I’m quite likely to switch my projects over to github in the near future.

PS : Oh, and if felt really cool to just fork my own repo of Folknology’s Reactored. Encourages me to start playing with it.

I use Subversion source-control (I have one web-hosted repository, one on my pendrive, and I just started using Google Code.)

But I’m tempted by distibuted source-management. The arbitrary decision as to whether I host a project online or on my pen-drive is … well … arbitrary, and sometimes needs to be revised. Distributed would be better. And I’m increasingly tempted by Bazaar (bzr).

The other thing that attracts : it’s in Python and easily incorporated into an existing python program. I haven’t given up on the whole SdiDesk / wiki-like notebook / developing in wiki thing. Perhaps there’ll be a bazaar-as-PageStore one of these days.

Meanwhile … watching the proliferation of repositories (I’d like to check out Folknology’s GitHub hosted Reactores) I’m starting to think there’s a need for an access-standard. Some kind of lowest common denominator ways of checking out checking in and merging codebases from all these repositories.

Anyone know of anything like this?