I advertised! Although only in a blog comment. Free from 9 to 5 � Everyone wants to be free from 9 to 5 Nevertheless, I feel kind of embarrassed. Thanks “Eric” for making it easy. This is what’s hard about entrepreneurialism for people like me. I don’t like asking for stuff. And “ask for the […]

Getting Things Done: “Official” Definition David Allen has a go at pinning it down. Now, in one sense, since he wrote the classic book, he has every right to try to control the definition. On the other hand, GTD is beloved of the disorganized and creative. Often these people are fairly relaxed about allowing terminology […]

On second thoughts, I’m not very convinced at all that Google’s AdSense is any sort of business model for this blog. Ads needs loads of people. Whereas self-describing Smart Disorganized Individuals are probably rare as hen’s teeth. Not only that, but after casually glancing at some of the ads so far, I don’t think they’re […]

Release Early, Release Often for proprietory software? I got a copy of Real Basic via their competitive upgrade scheme for Visual Basic owners a couple of months ago. I’ve looked at it, and at one point thought about porting SdiDesk to it. The deal breaker is that there’s no equivalent to Visual Basic’s DHTML control. […]