Good story on the rise of blogs, wikis and social software in business. Blogs and social networks and wikis, oh my! | CNET Don’t forget. Wikis are going to be massive over the next few years. They will take over everywhere for collaboration. Most desktop software will be wikified in some way : collaboratively […]

What is trackback? A friend of mine just asked me this question. So as I’ve spent 10 writing a quick description in an email, I might as well post it here. The original idea of trackback is to help find out who links to you. Your blog publishes a URL which I can “ping”, ie. […]

This Gillmor Gang show (MP3) is worth a listen. Several smart people cover the implications of iTunes handling Podcasts, whether Microsoft missed the boat on audio, and whether that’s due to an obsession with DRM, and a a fair bit on RSS. Plus lots more.

Chris Dent asks Why Wiki?. He raises the important distinction between automation and augmentation. Automation is trying to get computers to replace what people do. Augmentation is helping people do more. I’d echo Chris’s sentiments almost word-for-word. I also want to build tools to augment humans rather than try to replace them. Of course, augmenting […]