Wow! A lot of buzz around the creation of sub-networks of blogs to appeal to advertisers. Two thoughts strike me : One is that there’s nothing in John Battelle’s address, good though it is, that should surprise anyone who’s read one of the classic, early thinkers on web-publishing. The other, is that aggregation is a […]

Thinking of working in construction? Don’t bother, advises the Construction Contractor’s Blog : Smart, disorganized people in construction are common and not well compensated nor respected. Being well organized is everything, apparently 🙁 The Construction Contractor’s Blog: Field Management Archives

Ultimately what we see is the re-conceiving of the role of the firm. Traditionally the role of the firm has been to increase the efficiency of transaction costs, whereas we see more and more that the firm has to provide opportunities for capability building of the people within the firm. If the firm cannot do […]