Jon Udell has a good story on Wikipedia and the social construction of knowledge. I don’t follow the “social construction” of knowledge line myself. As a critical rationalist I think this guy has a better understanding of knowledge. One which is also 100% compatible with wiki-nature. ps : and Wow! Udell thinks Wales deserves the […]

Chris Dent is less partisan than I was about software for individuals, vs software for institutions He sees the division as being between two “necessary and useful” types : One type is interested in enabling or augmenting the subtle interplay of people found in synchronous encounters, in synchronous settings as well as extended into asynchronous […]

Lifehack gets it. On the virtues of using wiki : Good tool to brainstorm ideas: If you are not familar with tools like FreeMind for mind mapping, wiki may be your best tool. LifeHack But the real insight is this : It is all due to the fact that the way that wiki markup able […]