Very important Mind Traffic Control update today. The art of Mind Traffic Control is to defer as much as possible until later. But there are times you might have deferred a bunch of things until next week, only to find that actually, you *could* start doing some of them this week after all. (Maybe another […]

Prioritizing by Anxiety. I see what he’s getting at although I’m not entirely convinced. Obviously No Free Lunch tells us that no “prioritize-by-X” strategy could be appropriate to all circumstances. (Including the FIFO algorithm of Mind Traffic Control). Because of this, the less time wasted imagining you can specify priorities in advance, the better. Because […]

Tonight’s tweak to Mind Traffic Control : there’s now an “[untagged]” filter … so if you are using #tags but you find those untagged items are getting lost when you aren’t filtering, well, that’s the solution. Chose the “[untagged]” filter to restrict your queue to only those items *without* #tags.

Anyone not worked out how to use #tags in Mind Traffic Control? All you do is write your tag words with a # as in #work or #food and these items get tagged. Once you have tagged items in your current queue, a select box appears at the right of the “next action” box, allowing […]

I fixed a subtlish bug in Mind Traffic Control today. I was trying to pull the email address out of user objects using … however it seemed that you might be able to have users who don’t have an email address and for who fails or returns None. Not common, I guess because […]

Mind Traffic Control is ruthelessly useful. Indeed, it kind of strips out everything else *execept* usefulness. Which is why, if you’re thinking of trying it out, here’s a hint. Don’t try by putting in some random fake items like “test 1”, “test 2” etc. All they do is sit there and remind you to do […]