A while ago on Platform Wars I wrote : 99% of the world’s “semi-structured” data is not in Microformats but in tables in spreadsheets. Wildly inaccurate estimate I’m sure. But I’ll bet it dwarfs XML formats including RSS. So where’s the Yahoo Pipes for CSV and spreadsheet data? The mashing, pivot-tabling, cartesian joining of live […]

Anyone not worked out how to use #tags in Mind Traffic Control? All you do is write your tag words with a # as in #work or #food and these items get tagged. Once you have tagged items in your current queue, a select box appears at the right of the “next action” box, allowing […]

I use Subversion source-control (I have one web-hosted repository, one on my pendrive, and I just started using Google Code.) But I’m tempted by distibuted source-management. The arbitrary decision as to whether I host a project online or on my pen-drive is … well … arbitrary, and sometimes needs to be revised. Distributed would be […]

I fixed a subtlish bug in Mind Traffic Control today. I was trying to pull the email address out of user objects using user.email() … however it seemed that you might be able to have users who don’t have an email address and for who user.email() fails or returns None. Not common, I guess because […]