Worth reading “Where’s your data?“ Remember, your Mind Traffic Control data is easily exportable. Just go to : http://mindtrafficcontrol.appspot.com/exports (Via the “Export Data” menu item) and choose whether you want your data exported in CSV format (which you can import into Excel or EditGrid etc.) or OPML (which can be read in the OPML Editor […]

More playing with online spreadsheets. Here’s a cute example. This is an EditGrid spreadsheet that pulls book data from Amazon (including price in dollars), currency data from Yahoo, and then calculates the price in pounds of the books. It’s a “calculator” meaning that I’ve set up only one field to be editable (the search term […]

A while ago on Platform Wars I wrote : 99% of the world’s “semi-structured” data is not in Microformats but in tables in spreadsheets. Wildly inaccurate estimate I’m sure. But I’ll bet it dwarfs XML formats including RSS. So where’s the Yahoo Pipes for CSV and spreadsheet data? The mashing, pivot-tabling, cartesian joining of live […]