Work is never fun if you do it for other people. But why? I’d guess it’s not simply that someone else is asking you for it. It’s that the other person is *always* setting some constraints, defining the boundaries of what the thing should be, that don’t entirely line up with your own. And then […]

My post yesterday on Composing, about Geeks, Suits and Abstraction is relevant to SDI philosophy too. Executive Summary : Geeks, by definition, have to be good at shifting their thinking between different levels of abstraction; Suits, by temperament, believe in the rigid separation of levels into the corporate hierarchy and would love for technology to […]

Dave Winer : I don’t like it — because it betrays a not-useful point of view. I am not part of a crowd, I am an individual … When you mash us all together you miss the point. Update : continues Of course, what Winer is ignoring is that companies are thinking of the crowd […]

I think this is probably the most mind-blowingly stupid and bad thing I’ve seen for a while. There is no automated metric on earth that can get even a vague approximation of the value of a piece of programming. My colleague, yesterday, solved a fiendish long-troubling bug, by removing one character of faulty indentation from […]