Redundancy in Web App Architecture

I’m not sure I understand Brent Simmons’ problem, here.

If you need the same code running on two or three small specialized web-servers, just write it once in a library and include it in each of them. The repetition of running instances isn’t worth worrying about.

I’m wondering if his problem is really a lack of an obvious “include” for common html components in a world of single-page node.js apps? In which case, is this really a package management question?


I know I’m really (stupidly) late about this, but I’ve only just got into writing snippets in Emacs.

I’ve obviously known this was possible, like, forever. But somehow never got round to actually sitting down and learning how to do it and using them. But … damn! That’s useful. Why didn’t I bother to figure this out 20 years ago?

You idiot, Stimpy!