Learn You a Haskell

So I decided to actually sit down and Learn Me a Haskell. Worked through the first few sections. Kind of what I knew already except I think I’m getting a glimmer of why Currying / Partial Application is a good idea, at least in that it’s a very concise way of making higher-order functions on […]

Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language I’m impressed. Beyond being just a grab-bag of libraries (which it could have been) it seems there’s real thinking about composability here. The laziness of evaluation, the “symbolic-ness” makes it a powerful functional programming language. In fact, it’s almost a “data-flow” language. Of the kind, like Yahoo Pipes, […]


I don’t think I noted, when I was discussing bringing the OWL and OWLdroid codebases back together, that I was using Meld. Just wanna say it here … Meld rocks! Thanks guys!