Learn You a Haskell

So I decided to actually sit down and Learn Me a Haskell. Worked through the first few sections. Kind of what I knew already except I think I’m getting a glimmer of why Currying / Partial Application is a good idea, at least in that it’s a very concise way of making higher-order functions on […]

Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language I’m impressed. Beyond being just a grab-bag of libraries (which it could have been) it seems there’s real thinking about composability here. The laziness of evaluation, the “symbolic-ness” makes it a powerful functional programming language. In fact, it’s almost a “data-flow” language. Of the kind, like Yahoo Pipes, […]

Struggling with the "OWL on Safari" Bug

You can see me scratching my head over on Stack Overflow. I’ve got some kind of answer, not sure if it’s the right one yet. Will keep you posted when it’s in the repository. Update : OK. It’s up on GitHub. Would welcome feedback if it’s now working. (Safari on Mac, IE on Windows, Chrome […]


I don’t think I noted, when I was discussing bringing the OWL and OWLdroid codebases back together, that I was using Meld. Just wanna say it here … Meld rocks! Thanks guys!