Facebook released a plugin for Quartz Composer which lets you design interactive mobile apps.

That’s interesting. I don’t really know anything about Quartz. But I believe it’s like Max/MSP or PureData. A “dataflow” design system. Dataflow makes a lot of sense for plumbing together multiple services. And I’ve long believed it could / should be applied to orchestrating web-scale systems. For a while I hoped that Yahoo Pipes would go in this direction.

So will this be successful? On first glance, it looks like they’re trying to work at a very low level with the diagrams. In Max/MSP and PD, this is actually more fiddly than writing code. It’s the larger scale where diagrams shine. Still, it may well take off with a certain audience. Interesting move. I wonder if someone will try to copy it in Max or PD.

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There’s a quick update to the wikish plugin for Project ThoughtStorms (that’s the plugin type that offers UseMode / SdiDesk style wiki markup for the Smallest Federated Wiki). I’ve now added the double-comma defined tables.


oranges,, apples,, pears
43,, 55,, 22

Now becomes

oranges apples pears
43 55 22

Although not nearly as elegant. The simple CSS styling I was trying to use seems to clash with SFW’s style sheet in a way I haven’t debugged yet. So I’ve stuck with good old-fashioned table borders. (Ouch!)

Given the SFW’s narrow columns, I wasn’t originally going to support tables. But I have a couple of things for which it makes sense. So if you’re using Project ThoughtStorms, the repo is already updated. ThoughtStorms itself I haven’t updated to the most recent SFW codebase. That’s coming ASAP.

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Hopefully that OWL bug I mentioned a few weeks ago is now fixed in the repository.

It was really just a a bit of configuration that failed on new installs. But I wanted to test that my fix was really working. Hope it is now. Looks like it is for me.

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Ah, I see Ward Cunningham has spun off the node.js / express version of the Smallest Federated Wiki into a separate repository. It looks like it’s now part of the standard node repository and just called “wiki”.

That’s a good thing in many ways, but I hope it doesn’t mean that they’ve given up on the idea that node/express should be as much a reference version of SFW as the Ruby one.

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Welcome to the new Smart Disorganized Individuals. This blog is the same as it ever was … wiki, blogs, Smart Disorganized Philosophy, productivity software, programming languages, filoFax etc. …  You’ll still find news and discussion of my projects like Mind Traffic Control, GeekWeaver, Project ThoughtStorms, OWL, (BTW: Some big changes / developments planned for some of these soon.)

But it’s now migrated to WordPress running on my own server / domain : http://sdi.thoughtstorms.info/

Welcome to the Next Phase.


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