Personal Question

Question : Hey Phil, do you actually do any programming these days? Answer : Yes. Quite a lot at the moment. Though it’s a bit all over the shop. I’m dipping a toe into Android programming. (And, hmmm … Java …. I thought I’d got over my Java hangups by doing a lot of Processing, […]

Giles Bowkett: Rails Went Off The Rails

It’s fascinating to read¬†Giles Bowkett on Rails,¬†its bloat, its falling out of fashion. Fascinating mainly because it so clearly highlights that no-one is immune from this life-cycle that goes : new, simpler and easier than anything else hot-new thing that everyone loves adding more fluff to deal with more edge-cases build-up of technical debt re-writes […]

Universal Programming Literacy

My answer to a Quora question :¬†What would happen in a world where almost everyone is programming literate? How might such a world (of universal programming literacy) come about?¬† Most likely from a continuing trend to automate the way a lot of work gets done, and then people would learn programming as a way of […]