Project ThoughtStorms Goes Live

ThoughtStorms has been ported across to the Smallest Federated Wiki. Of course, there are plenty of failures, missing pages, bits of markup that aren’t handled correctly etc. But this is wiki, right? It’s never perfect. It’s always living and dying and composting. The problems will get flushed out, or worked-around, or become charming ruins over […]

Project ThoughtStorms

As mentioned previously, I’ve been looking into Ward Cunningham’s “Smallest Federated Wiki” concept. And I’m increasingly impressed. So much so, that I’ve re-oriented a lot of my projects around it. What do I mean? A decent follow-up to SdiDesk has been promised for an embarrassingly long time. Over the years I’ve struggled with exactly what […]


OK. I’m an idiot. So here’s today’s BIG Unicode lesson; understand this and, maybe, half your troubles will evaporate. Unicode is NOT a “code”. No. Unicode is a kind of platonic ideal of which everything else is an “encoding”. ASCII is an encoding. UTF-8 is an encoding. That weird character set you got with Portuguese accented […]