Shhhh …

I have a confession …

I re-installed the Google App. Engine dev, environment on my machine. I popped open the Mind Traffic Control codebase and looked into it. I was a bit overwhelmed at the clunkiness of some of the code (I’ve become a more concise Python programmer since then) but I realised I could still make sense of it.

I tweaked a couple of minor appearance bugs and refreshed the server.

It worked!

It’s been a long time since I actually had a working MTC development environment.

I wonder what this means …

Google's "Future of Javascript"

So Google blame Javascript’s weaknesses for Apple’s success with iOS and its app ecosystem, and want to replace JS with their own alternative.

Obviously I think this is the most wrong-headed thing I’ve heard in a while, and a worrying sign of idiocy within Google.

I’m not particularly concerned about the future of Javascript which I’m sure will be around ┬álong after Google’s alternative is abandoned.