The biggest problem I’ve noticed people having with Mind Traffic Control is with delegating. They were sometimes delegating without filling in the task description (thinking that the original task description would get copied across – which it wasnt’t) or delegating to names of people which clearly weren’t email addresses (or Goggle logins). Now I’ve trapped […]

Couple of interesting posts on Twitter scaling issues. Twitter starting a conversation with the community, and some speculation about the issues. It’s not the writing it’s the “view my page which collates from multiple other users” which is the issue. If that’s the case I wonder what an Erlangish solution would be. There’s no real […]

Adobe Thermo looks interesting. At first, of course, it looks just like another Visual Basic which is of note only because it targets Flex (and hence the Flash Virtual Machine). But it’s clever in the way that it imports Photoshop files and takes advantage of some of the logical structure. Not for me, though, obviously.