Reading more discussions on the business of Joel has got me thinking about the problem of marketing GeekWeaver. So here’s the pitch … in the classic 5 points of selling 😉 1) The pain you didn’t know you had! Oh, the horror, the horror, too many tags too many files, you have to reach for […]

An idea I had, over at Joel’s Business of Software : Here’s a thought. I was re-reading this a couple of days ago : as I’m trying to persuade the overworked developers in the place I work to take some time out for this kind of cleaning. And it occurred to me that there […]

I’ve done a slightly improved GeekWeaver screencast. Still very sketchy, and without audio, but the SWF is smaller, and shouldn’t crash. It just concentrates on the basics : * making several pages* using the .tag notation with outline indenting to save on closing HTML / XML tags* defining a reusable and parameterizable block (in this […]

I’ve been struggling with Python’s distutils over the weekend, and I’m finally making some progress. There’s a new GeekWeaver page and a new release. The page is part of a revamp of my personal site, which is now being built with GeekWeaver. And the release is the first built with distutils. I was hoping that […]