OK, some more thinking out-loud about possible futures for SdiDesk in light of that TurboGears demo. Nothing is fixed. Particularly not SdiDesk. This is all speculative. What is SdiDesk? Idea? A prototype? A useful tool? A code-base? A finger-post pointing out the direction I’d like to see individualistic knowledge tools evolve? All of the above. […]

Chandler 0.6 is out Chandler seems to have been coming along fairly slowly for a while. I’m not sure how exciting this is but could be the beginning of something interesting. The Chandler team have been building up some Python infrastructure, grappled with various technologies, and rejected the ones which have turned out to be […]

Structured blogging–what’s in it for users? Well, trying to make ordinary users add more structure to a blog entry is a non-starter. The way to go is to find people who are already entering structured data, and allow them to do it to their blogs. The clue here is spreadsheets. Dan Bricklin is on the […]

Today, a comment I left on Don Park’s blog got quoted by David Berlind. Here’s what I said : Here’s the amazing thing : there are about 8 billion pages accessable through the browser. And not one of them is that difficult to get to. (Assuming you find links going there.)….How many OSs and desktop […]