I think the next tipping point will be focused on wikis. We are close to the point where we will no longer have to pick an ‘application’ to create, open or change a document, any more than we have to pick a particular type of writing implement to do so in the physical world. What […]

For some reason I find this article intensely annoying and depressing. Here’s why. I’m one the (possible minority) of people on the planet who if I ask what you do, am genuinely interested in what you do. Not because I’m a cuddly people person, (though, of course, I am), but because I’m intensely curious about […]

Not exactly the way to get rich. The following is a summary of your Amazon Mechanical Turk activity for the week ending Nov 12, 2005. Weekly HIT Activity – Number of HITs accepted: 6 – Number of HITs returned: 0 – Number of HITs abandoned: 0 – Number of HITs submitted: 6 – Number of […]