There’s a discussion going on at John Robb’s Weblog about Web 2.0 I got inspired to write a couple of long comments. The first is about what I think Web 2.0 is a response to John’s request “What are the 3 big themes that undergird the upgrade?” : open data . You open whatever data […]

Quick bit of market research. Anyone reading this who uses SdiDesk? Anyone? Anyone at all? Anyone actually reading this? Ah well … (sigh) If someone was reading this. And they did use SdiDesk. I’d ask these questions : What kind of info do you keep in it? What features do you find useful? What functions […]

Good post. Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb Basically following the three Perl virtues : laziness, impatience and hubris. Remember, these are all virtues as long as they’re not false laziness, false impatience, and false impatience 🙂