Dave Winer : Why [do] we have to design our software to the user who freaks out? … when we are basically disempowering the user who is curious? … People aren’t stupid. And people who design software for people who are stupid, get what they deserve, which is stupid users. I prefer to design software […]

Sigurd Rinde vs. hierarchy : Do the test: 1. Write a letter, using a word processor, to a friend about some tax issues, some personal stuff and a great new joke you just heard. 2. Save the file to a folder. Choose the folder according to either recipient, theme or whatever you normally choose. Your […]

So, I was all set to start writing some unit tests to begin the refactoring I described below. But then I needed to do a bit of procrastination, first. 🙂 That article is good advice for procrastinators. But what grabbed me was this : You can accomplish a lot more in small increments — even […]

Bill Seitz agrees about the importance of smart-ascii as fundamental. He says the trick is finding a “style” of plaintext editing that can be rendered to a format that can then provide an outliner-ish view (collapsing hierarchies, etc.) (I’m pretty sure that can still just be HTML v4). And then Transclusion comes next… or an […]

Bill Seitz : I think treating every page as an outline is a better direction to go http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/z2005-06-17-PhilJonesWikiOutlining I’m wondering what this means in the SdiDesk context. That every page should really be a tree, rather like an HTML or XML document? That the basic, underlying representation of pages is plain-text is a non-negotiable virtue […]