The biggest problem I’ve noticed people having with Mind Traffic Control is with delegating. They were sometimes delegating without filling in the task description (thinking that the original task description would get copied across – which it wasnt’t) or delegating to names of people which clearly weren’t email addresses (or Goggle logins).

Now I’ve trapped this. When delegating a task, it’s description gets copied (although you can still edit it), and the system also traps non-email addresses as targets to delegate to.

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Today’s Mind Traffic Control update.

The “defer” screen was simple, but not simple enough. Why make the user go through two mouse clicks – select a radio button and then the submit button – when this can be reduced to one? Now choosing how long you want to delay is a single button click.

I was also finding, when defering, that I wanted to remind myself of today’s date. Now I’ve just added a display of today’s date for convenience.

In general, I’m going to follow a philosophy of trying to identify and implement small improvements like this to MTC.

All suggestions welcome.