Ideal Node.js hosting service

Here’s the URL of a GIT repo, containing a Node app. Run it with forever.

I want to be able to do a tail -f on the log so I can see what’s going on. 

And to view its file system, perhaps through a browser-based JS app.

I think that’s about it. I give you a URL, you run it.I know some services get close, but I don’t want close. I want just this. A Node virtual machine. 

Source: A Node virtual machine

At Aharon’s prompting I had a play with node.js over the weekend. It is very good. I can see why it’s “the next BIG thing”. (See the nice starter tutorial with a very impressive minimal twitter reader.)

Trying to think of something fun to do with node.js now.

Also, what with getting into Urbi, “events” are clearly the trend of 2011 for me.