Good news. The latest version of BTSync actually lets me specify which folder on my Android tablet I want to sync.

That means I can explicitly tell it to sync. the OWL directory that OWLdroid uses by default. (Somewhere between updates of Android and BTSync last year, this facility got lost.)

So it’s looking like BTSyncing between my tablet and laptop are working again. So OWLdroid is a viable piece of software again. (The syncing with the laptop makes a huge difference in day-to-day usefulness.)

Yes, I know this isn’t great. I need to figure out how to ensure that OWLdroid works. The longer term plan is to move to having remoteStorage.js as an option. But that’s a little way down my todo-queue.

Hmmm … I seem to be having problems with the latest Android / BTSyncing for OWL.

For some reason the latest Android and BTSync won’t sync in the directory that OWL writes into. It keeps trying to sync. into the Downloads directory.

This will probably need an update to OWLdroid to fix. Either to change the default location it writes pages to. Or to let the user specify.

Irritating. Will try to get to it soon.

Been meaning to do a video demo of OWL for a while, to make it clear what it really is. Today there was some Twitter discussion of Fargo + TiddlyWiki + syncing so I had to drop a link. And decided that it was better to have a rough and ready video example than to wait until I did it properly.

So here it is. Please excuse the whole “one-handed camera while I try to drive everything from the other hand” bit.

I hope it gets the idea across.