Mary Jo Foley asks if Microsoft could or should enable Android apps on Windows.

I’d think it would be more to the point to support standard HTML5 / Javascript apps. as first class citizens in Windows.

  • It’s just as good a way to pick up a lot of developers.
  • ChromeOS and FirefoxOS developers can port their apps. easily. Not as big as Android, but a growing segment.
  • Microsoft already DO officially support Javascript and libraries like jQuery in their development tools so it doesn’t require either a) telling developers to use non-M$ tools, or b) sending a message that they’re abandoning C# for Java.
  • They can claim to be supporting a neutral standard rather than capitulating to a reality determined by a more successful rival.
  • They, in practice, will be supporting a neutral standard which helps to undermine rather than further Google’s dominance.
  • I’d rather write a dedicated Windows OWL app. in CoffeeScript than Java. 😉
Just a note. I am really, really liking CoffeeScript now.

It’s reminding me both of freedom that Python gave me when I first turned to it after Java. And bit of my experience with Erlang. ( If only it had Erlang’s Actor model and pattern matching arguments … )

The other good effect of this, CoffeeScript is making me more comfortable with investing my time writing serious logic on the browser-side. Which is where it should be, given the requirements of modern applications and that the browser is becoming the default GUI. 

So Google blame Javascript’s weaknesses for Apple’s success with iOS and its app ecosystem, and want to replace JS with their own alternative.

Obviously I think this is the most wrong-headed thing I’ve heard in a while, and a worrying sign of idiocy within Google.

I’m not particularly concerned about the future of Javascript which I’m sure will be around  long after Google’s alternative is abandoned.