Here’s a thought. Wouldn’t it be awesome if editors / environments that could open multiple windows / tabs could have a “stack” semantics for it.

I mean in browsers, the terminal application etc. It would be great when I have something new to do to be able to open a new environment / tab to do the new thing, have it replace the existing one (rather than have 20 open at the same time) but when I finish, be able to fall back to the previous state / history etc.

Actually, maybe this is more or less how screen works. Still it would be useful in other places, eg. the browser.

Dave Winer tweeted that a “new webstack” was being built. I agree.

A big question is how to support / engage with Mozilla. To me, it’s clear that the new stacks needs to be more peer-to-peer and less dependent on other people’s clouds. And for that to work well we need support from the browser makers. Mozilla is the best hope, with the least currently invested in its own cloud. And no strategy to lock people in.

How can / should I be supporting Mozilla this year?

Update : Interesting to see this intro to Bugzilla. Gives an idea how the Mozilla is networked together.